I started out thinking what is the opposite of Harvest Moon and somehow found my way here. I really love Fall so I think it's kind of funny my submission for the Harvest Jam has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Made for the Bitsy Harvest Jam


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Hee hee, it's a neat take on the "Harvest" theme! It really kept me wondering day by day what was happening/going to happen. Well done!


So...were the plant's trying to tell the astronaut they could take him home or....did those dreams have some other meaning?


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!


So it's really open to interpretation, but I felt the plants were feeding off and fueling the protagonists loneliness and this kind of psychic feeding gave them weird vivid dreams while the feelings of isolation and paranoia are what actually give the dreams their substance. Then after feeding off so much loneliness they decide they want to help

But that's just one interpretation. I picked pink for the color of the plants and important things in the dreams because that kind of pink is kind of an alien, out-there color in nature and I didn't really intend for their motives to be fully comprehendable. 

this is pretty neat! really love how the narrative unfolds and its so ambiguous and mysterious... i really enjoyed it :)


Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)